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Add to India’s success, NRIs told


The News Bureau, Jan 8 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted the Indian diaspora to contribute to India`s success in any way possible, including knowledge, expertise or skills. He asked them to unite as a positive global force in the cause of humanity. 

Inaugurating the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, on Jan 8, he recalled that 100 years ago a Non Resident Indian – Gandhi – had returned to In

ia to serve the people. Today he was welcoming NRIs as a Non Resident Gujarati.

The Prime Minister said NRIs are present in more than 200 countries. "India is global because of you," he told the gathering. In the past Indians went overseas in search of opportunity or to gain knowledge and exposure.

 "Today, opportunities beckon you in India," he asserted, saying that today the world looks at India with hope. He said times have been changing and India is rising with great strength.

The P M mentioned the Namaami Gange project to clean the river Ganga and make it a source of economic empowerment for 40 percent of population. He was sure all NRIs would be inspired to contribute to this cause.

The Prime Minister welcomed the dignitaries from Guyana, South Africa and Mauritius. Holi and Diwali are celebrated in Guyana. He recalled that January 8, was the founding day of African National Congress in South Africa. October 2, is observed

in Mauritius with even greater vigour than it is observed in India, he said.

India alive abroad

The Prime Minister called upon NRIs across the world to forge and take pride in a common identity and heritage. He said even if a solitary NRI is present anywhere in the world, India is alive and present in that corner of the world through him.

The Prime Minister said he had met representatives of 50 countries after assuming his office. He could say with confidence that all nations today feel their objectives can be met in partnership with India. This was a rare opportunity and it was now upto everyone to use this opportunity for the benefit of humanity.

The Prime Minister said he firmly believes that NRIs are a big strength of India, and India can make a global impact by reaching out to them. The Prime Minister said he was happy to announce that he had fulfilled all promises made to NRIs, such as lifelong visa for PIO cardholders, merging of PIO and OCI schemes, visa on arrival for 43 countries, and electronic travel authorization. 


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