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Boost IAS babus’ ability to serve


The News Bureau, Feb 3

Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth has said that in the new communication environment, there was a need to integrate and synergise government efforts in a professional and calibrated manner.

Inviting suggestions for the forthcoming Civil Services Day on how to equip civil servants professionally in order to discharge their responsibilities better, he stressed the need to enhance the ability of civil servants to communicate.


of the hour

The need of the hour was to device modalities to deliver services and access to information. This would enable the government to engage with citizens and receive feedback.

Ministries and departments should be geared up to address the challenges of information dissemination especially in the social media. There was a need to put in place strategies to utilise social media as a tool to interact with the people.


Addressing a workshop on “Streamlining Government Communication” organised by the Press Information Bureau at the national media centre on Monday, he said that this was critical in view of the change in the mode, nature and content of communication.

In the recent past efforts had been made to mainstream communication in addressing disaster and emergency situations as there was a dearth of information in such situations. The challenge was also in view of different communication requi

irements of stakeholders and recipients.

In the wake of recent initiatives – Digital India, the crowd-sourcing method had been adopted. This in turn reiterated the need to have a strategy for addressing issues. States should be encouraged to organise such workshops on a similar pattern, he said.


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