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Chiranjeevi is a Stupid Born In Alluri Land’


New Delhi: Chiranjeevi who is being targeted for playing it safe by refraining to comment on the Samaikyandhra movement, has been severely criticized by the leaders of the Seemandhra Student JAC. They said Chiranjeevi sold himself to Sonia Gandhi for Rs 500 crore and wondered for how long he will clamour for money. The student leaders were quite belligerent while criticizing Chiranjeevi for hanging on to the union cabinet minister’s post, which is likely to end any time soon. They rebuk

d him for conveniently opting to be the Tourism minister. But their tirade did not end there. They lambasted him calling him a stupid who was born in the land of Alluri Seetarama Raju. If he ever sets foot in his native district, he will be kicked out of the place within no time for cheating 10 crore Telugu people, they said. Meanwhile, a student attempted suicide by dousing himself in kerosene and suddenly the atmosphere was tense and the situation went out of control. – See more at: http://www.greatandhra.com/politics/gossip/chiranjeevi-is-a-stupid-born-in-alluri-land-53837.html#sthash.OwAEiVoy.dpuf

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