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Chiru and family left embarrassed


The News Bureau

Actor-turned-politician and union minister K Chiranjeevi had to face embarrassing moments at a polling station in Hyderabad on April 30.

A voter raised objection when Chiranjeevi did not follow the queue for exercising his right to vote and instead attempted to vote directly causing anger among those who were waiting in the queue for long.

The visuals aired in television channels showed Chiranjeevi arrived at the polling station in Jubi

ee Hills area along with his family members and directly walked towards the polling officials in an apparent attempt to exercise their votes and leave the place without standing in the queue.

Senior citizens including a former high court judge were in the queue but it seems Chiranjeevi did not bother to wait for his turn. However, one of the voters, Karthik, who was already waiting in the queue, raised objection and asked the union minister to follow the queue.

The actor-turned-politician was taken aback by the sudden development and tried to pacify the angry young man. Karthik, who came to India from London for exercising his right to vote, insisted that the politician must come in queue.

Chiranjeevi was left embarrassed and red faced but he had no other option as television channels focused their cameras on him. He and his family members went back stood in the queue to cast their vote.

Later, Chiranjeevi tried to cover up his act saying he only wanted

to check with the polling staff if he and his family were indeed voters in the polling station. 


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