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‘Fictitious’ awards for ’14


The News Bureau, Dec 30

In 2014 several personalities received awards for their talent while some have been named for ‘fictitious’ awards for fun sake. The comment doing the rounds is that BJP leader Amith Shaw toured lenghth and breadth of the country extensively highlighting prime minister’s welfare programmes received ‘ whirl-wind’ award.

Next comes Aam Aadmi party chief Arvind Kejriwal had the reputation for unse

ting the strong chief minister of New Delhi Sheela Dixit.

Arvind ruled Delhi for 48 days at a stretch and promised to end the rampant corruption. It was of no avail. He ultimately made a hasty exit. He too joins the list of ‘fictitious’ awards. He gets ‘crazy robert’ award.

Azam Khan the UP minister gets the fictitious ‘ pashu mitra’ fiction award for loving his missing animals in his farm house in Rmapur. He had employed even sniffer dogs to trace his animals. Khan is the only minister who was also harsh with his officers over the missing animals. 

Then comes in this category of fiction awards is Sonia’s son in law Robbert Vadera who was trapped in controversial affairs. He gets ‘utter flop’ son in law award which is said to be suitable for him.

Smrithi irani, the HRD minister is said to be ‘student of the year’ comment while Rahul Gandhi is another fictitious ‘leader un

nable to get votes’ award. ‘Tech-savvy’ comment is for Modi.   


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