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Hazrath Mir Mahmood Dargah lands grabbed


A question posed by the MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi in the legislative assembly several years ago, has now put him in a tight spot with his own party MLAs turning out to be the grabber of God’s own property meant for the welfare of the poor Muslims.

Asad, as he is popularly known, had posed a question (LAQ No.615) in

the year 1995, when he was the only MLA of MIM, representing Charminar Assembly Constituency. The question was posed in an apparent attempt to win back the lost sympathy of Muslim electorate. 

The sympathy was lost following allegations by MBT founder Amanullah Khan that Asad’s father Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi chose to remain silent over the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya because the latter had entered into a secret deal with the Congress party. Incidentally, the senior Owaisi was the president of Babri Masjid Action Committee at that point of time.

The senior Owaisi took oath in the name of holy Quran in full public view at the historical Mecca Masjid on the occasion of last Friday of the holy month of Ramzan stating he did not enter into any secret deal with Congress party over Babri Masjid demolition. However, holy Quran very clearly says that one should swear only in the name of Almighty Allah and taking oath on any other thing is incorrect. 


In this backdrop, Asad posed the question related to Wakf properties to woo the Muslim electorate. The then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu ordered constitution of a House Committee on Wakf properties, which was the first of its kind at least in Andhra Pradesh. Asad was one of the members of the House Committee.

Unfortunately, the findings of the House Committee are now proving disastrous for the MIM, the self-styled savior of Islam, because several MIM leaders including the party former MLAs Virasat Rasool Khan, Mohammed Muqtada Khan aka Afsar Khan, turned out to be the grabbers of Wakf properties worth thousands of crores.

Virasat Rasool Khan’s misdeeds came to light when the House Committee was enquiring into the grabbing of 488 acres of land situated in 54 survey numbers between 169 to 524 which belonged to Dargah Hazrath Mir-Mahmood Saheb Pahadi at Attapur village in Rajendranagar Mandal of Ranga Reddy district.

It all began when the successors of self-styled Muthawallis – Faizunnisa Begum and Tajunnisa Begum – entered into agreement with others in connivance with the Wakf Board employees and began selling away the dargah properties.

While they sold away more than half of the dargah land, little over 62 acres was acquired by the forest department for tiger safari at a pittance of Rs 0.90 paise per square yard. Even the meager compensation money of Rs 7,30,689 is lying with the court due to pending court cases over the ownership of the land. Two persons – Mahaveer Singh and Dr Saxena also sold away several acres of land to various people.

The House Committee report says that the Wakf Board was blind, dumb and deaf when its properties were systematically encroached or sold away by land grabbers or unscrupulous elements.  The House Committee also said in the report that the Wakf Board employees have been colluding with the encroachers, land grabbers and sellers in systemataic annihilat

ion of the Wakf Properties.
Though grabbing of the dargah land was going on since 1970s, the then Charminar MLA Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi remained silent.

It is due to this reason MIM MLA Virasat Rasool Khan could encroach about 15 acres of dargah land and constructed buildings. Basheeruddin Babu Khan, the then minister for minorities welfare, informed the house that the MIM MLA had occupied about 15 acres of dargah land and he had given in writing asking the state government for regularization of encroachments.

Accordingly, government had issued a GO No.84 on August 26, 1994 granting permission to Wakf Board to regularize the illegal encroachments and unauthorized occupation and sale of the land to the occupants in survey numbers 315 to 319, 321/1, 321/2, 321/3 and 334/4 of Attapur Village, belonging to the Darga at the rate of Rs.100 per square yard, subject to the conditions that the sale proceeds should be invested through the Secretary, Wakf Board in a scheduled or Nationalised Bank in interest yielding deposit, the Sale Deed shall be executed at the expense of the purchasers and the sale proceeds should be utilised exclusively for creating an alternate Wakf property for fulfillment of the object of Wakf as mentioned in the Muntakhab.

It was also mentioned in the GO that Virasat Rasool Khan had requested for regularization of houses and land already occupied by charging nominal price. Accordingly, the House Committee recommended that the price fixed in GO No.84 per square yard should be refixed only to facilitate regularization of wakf lands encroached by the then MIM MLA Virasat Rasool Khan and a few others.

However, according to Section 36-A of the Wakf Act, 1954 (Central Act, 29 of 1954) no wakf property can be transferred by way of sale, gift, mortgate or exchange or lease for a period exceeding three years in case of agricultural land and for a period exceeding one year in case of non-agricultural land or building without the previous sanction of the Wakf Board.

This clearly shows the reluctance of Owaisi family in protecting the wakf properties when they are grabbed by people belonging to their party or close to them in any manner.


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