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Her passion took flight


The News Bureau, Jan 21 

Gurgaon-based Smriti Shankar, for example, globe trots on her own and puts it all up in a blog (Travelling Boots) that inspires others to take up the same. 

"Travelling alone and surviving the odds has built my confidence and made me focus on the things that I can do. My attitude has changed from being constantly cautious to saying 'let's give it a try'," she said.

"The moment

could access the internet, I would read up about the place and go exploring on my own using the public transport. Each time I would come back with amazing stories, and although there were traumatic experiences as well, they soon turned into funny stories." 

Married to a Merchant Navy officer her passion took flight when she joined him on the ship and would dock at different ports, offering opportunities to explore a new place.

Safety is the topmost priority for solo women travellers and they do their homework well before setting out to a particular destination. "For women, travelling with a male partner, or in a group, ensures safety, and safety is a priority for any traveller.

That being taken care of, one would feel much more confident in taking a journey alone," says Arushi Kher, a Mumbai-based student who takes at least two trips a year by herself.

"When I am planning a trip, for example, I research the place well. Every pla

ace has its dodgy corners and the best way to know about it is interact with someone who either hails from that place or has travelled there before," Kher told. "It's good to be cautious, but don't be so scared that you forget to enjoy the experience!"

She swears by airbnb.com, an online forum for travellers on accommodation – mostly home stays and apartments instead of hotels – across the world. In Boston for example, she had a long conversation with a man. She was trying to avoid him in a coffee shop, discussing world politics to (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi!" 

"We don't usually talk to strangers when in a group or as a couple, although this is the best way to open our minds. This is what is so great about travelling alone; it's liberating,"Shankar said.


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