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India can lead fight: Global warming


The News Bureau, Feb 15

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India had the abilityto lead the world's fight against global warming.

He said, "If there is one country to show the world the way to fight global warming it is India." Inaugurating the first Renewable Energy Global Investors Meet and Expo (Re-Invest), he said “ only India can show the way because we love nature, we worship our rivers as mother."

Speaking of t

e importance of solar energy he referred to increasing the scope of renewable sources in the current context.

"In our mythology we have imagined the sun god Surya riding on seven horses. In today's age the first four of the seven horses would respectively be thermal (coal), gas, hydro and nuclear energy.

He also said that if any country has the potential to lead the world in the domain of renewable energy, it is India. The Prime Minister said that loving nature and living in harmony with nature is a part of India`s DNA.


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