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Internal bickering cripples YMCA


Hyderabad (The News Bureau)

It appears the decades old YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is bogged down by internal strife. A group of members allegedly forced their way to become board of directors through unfair methods and resorting to embezzlement of the association’s funds meant for poor and needy people.

The YMCA mobilizes funds from donors for service activities such as helping the victims of calamities, disasters, ident

fying community needs and helping needy people. But it is now being alleged that a group of members of the YMCA including Mani Kumar, Regional Secretary for YMCA South East India, Robert Surya Prakash, John Ravinder and Christopher Satya Raj and a few others had conspired together and usurped association funds worth over Rs 2 crore.

A full member of the YMCA Greater Hyderabad society, G Boaz Paul lodged a complaint with the city police commissioner seeking a thorough probe into the financial and other irregularities allegedly carried out by Mani Kumar and others.

In his complaint, Paul alleged that the association funds were misappropriated and spent on luxuries such as hiring luxury cars, flying costly airlines to attend meetings abroad, staying at luxury hotels and spending on partying, boozing and other lavish things.

The complainant alleged that the board of directors had committed criminal breach of trust by spending the funds for the purposes not envisaged

d in the constitution and memorandum of YMCA. The board of directors, being custodians of the association, are required to protect the property, assets, money and interests of the association and the members, which they did not do at any given point of time, the complainant said.

Paul says the accused resorted to fraud, forgery, embezzlement, misappropriation and criminal breach of trust. He also said one of the accused, Robert Surya Prakash, had manipulated his life membership details register by impersonation of his name and address over the details of another existing life member named Khanna by of inserting his details vide receipt No. 3999.

According to Paul’s complaint, Surya Prakash and others were restrained by a local court from functioning as board of directors and an advocate commissioner was appointed to oversee the affairs of the association. However, the group managed to get back the reigns of the association through unfair methods and allegedly carried out illegal acts causing huge wrongful loss for the association. It is alleaged that the accused have been able to compel the police to keep under wraps the probe in to a similar case earlier with the help of a DGP rank officer.

Meanwhile, sources in the YMCA told The News that the accused are hand-in-glove with some tenants and construction companies to alienate the prime properties the YMCA has been able to acquire with the help of philanthropists over decades. The sources assets like YMCA land in Narayanaguda, Secunderabad and Aushapur in Ghatkesar mandal, which are worth several crores of rupess in the current market, are in danger due to the illegal acts of people such as Surya Prakash, Mani Kumar and others.

A quick look at the amounts taken by certain board members or the amounts paid to different people and agencies over a couple of years makes clear the extravagance of the accused. The following table could be of immense help in understanding the misappropr

iation of funds by the accused, YMCA sources said.

In his complaint, Paul urged the city police commissioner to direct the officials of the Central Crime Station (CCS) to register a case under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code and investigate the same to ensure action against the culprits who have duped the YMCA to the tune of over Rs 2.2 crore.


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