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Lokesh miffed at loan waiver questions


Hyderabad, Aug 8 (The News)

The TDP leaders are looking for face-saving excuses to duck questions on crop loan waiver. The latest to join the escapist bandwagon is none other than Lokesh Babu himself.
Lokesh, dubbed by many as TDP's heir apparent, was miffed at media persons the other day for shooting off a hail of questions on crop loan waiver promise of his father Chandrababu Naidu.

Unable to explain how the TDP governmen

would implement crop loan waiver, Lokesh lost his temper on media on Thursday.

He reportedly expressed disappointment and anger on media questions on the poll promises made by his father. Losing his cool, Lokesh said that that was not related to him.

When asked about his extensive campaign on the scheme during the elections, he failed to reply. He, however, said that the Loan waiver issue is related to the government and the Chief Minister. " Don't ask me on this," he said.


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