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Masjid-E-Sultanbagh, Victim of late Abdul wahed Owaisi’s Collusive carelessness


It appears the collusion between All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) leaders and the grabbers of Wakf lands did not begin with the current chiefs of the party.

In fact, the then chief of AIMIM Abdul Wahed Owaisi seems to have colluded with the land grabbers and encroachers of Wakf properties at Lower Tank Bund and intentionally lost the legal battle against the land grabbers.

This case relates to the Wakf properties attached to Masjid-e-

ultan Bagh. Today, reputed star hotel, Marriot, is run on the Wakf land, which was acquired by encroachers and land grabbers.

Abdul Wahed Owaisi, the then chief of MIM and a learned advocate, was supposed to file a suit for perpetual injunction in the High Court since in the year 1965 the lower court had no jurisdiction to deal with a case involving property valued at Rs 1.5 lakh.

Despite knowing very well about this, the then MIM chief seems to have filed the suit in the First Additional Chief Judge Court, whose pecuniary jurisdiction extends only up to Rs 5,000.

Old timers say the then MIM chief deliberately filed the case in a lower court and made a deal with the land grabbers at the cost of Almighty’s properties. 

It is because of this reason he did not even bother to file an appeal before the High Court. Of course, some members of the Wakf Board were also involved in the shady deal, they allege.

The four acre land is currently wor

rth crores of rupees. What is sickening is that several graves on the Wakf land had been raged to develop the star hotel.

The more disturbing fact is that the entire file related to this Wakf Institution mysteriously disappeared from the Wakf Board when the present chief of MIM, Asaduddin Owaisi, was a member of the Board.

Documents available with The News clearly show that Gulam Dastagir and Hafeezuddin were taking care of the properties of Sultan Bagh mosque on behalf of the Wakf Board.

However, following their death, their widows and minor children of both the families executed a sale deed in favour of DS Lakshmi, wife of Col. D Sanjeeva Rao and C Mohan Kumari, wife of C Satyanarayana on August 3, 1964 claiming that it was ancestral property.

The Wakf Board officials appear to have been slack in preventing the illegal sale transaction despite having documentary proofs such as Muntakhab (copy of endowment register) dated 22-2-1350 Fasli and 21-7-1355 Fasli. There were several other documents to show that the 4 acre land belonged to Wakf Board.

Yet, the land grabbers managed to sell the property while the buyers knowing very well about the facts, purchased the property. A bottling unit was run on the land before it was converted into a luxury hotel, owned by one P Prabhakara Reddy. The House Committee on Wakf Properties summoned Prabhakara Reddy to record his version. 

On October24, 1995, the managing director of Palace Heights Hotels Limited, Prabhakara Reddy gave in writing to the House Committed that the property was purchased through registered sale deed and a bottling unit was run for about 30 years before converting it into a hotel.

Necessary permissions were obtained from the authorities concerned and nobody disturbed with the peaceful enjoyment of the property ever until summoned by the House Committee.
He also informed the House Committee that the claim of

the Wakf Board was baseless and sought to drop the proceedings.

The House committee also spoke to various people in this connection and arrived at a conclusion that Gulam Dastagir was a land grabber, while Col. D Sanjeeva Rao and K Balraj, who purchased the land, were encroachers.

“Not knowing the fact that the Wakf Institutions and the properties are registered Wakf Institutions of 1350 Fasli (1940) is not an acceptable version. Therefore, the registered sale deeds between Gulam Dastagir and Col. Sanjeeva Rao and others will not be valid and deserved to be cancelled,” the House Committee said in its report.

The Committee recommended the Wakf Board to take expeditious steps to file cases in the concerned courts against the persons who are occupying the Wakf Properties of these Wakf Institutions and see that the entire property is taken back under its control.

Unfortunately, the House Committee, in which Asaduddin Owaisi is a member, also said in its report that, “If such a course of action cannot be effectively taken, the Wakf Board may file a suit for compensation from the encroachers as per the present market value.”

The members of the House Committee, particularly Asaduddin Owaisi, who is Barrister at Law and Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, knew very well that a Wakf property cannot be alienated at any cost and there is a direction from the Supreme Court which says ‘once a Wakf is always a Wakf’.

Yet, the House Committee, apparently under the influence of Asaduddin Owaisi, recommended the Wakf Board to file a suit for compensation in an attempt to cover up the misdeed of the then MIM chief Abdul Wahed Owaisi and also the subsequent silence of successive MIM chiefs – Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi and Asaduddin Owaisi – over the issue. 

Salahuddin and Asaduddin could have filed a case against the land grabbers under section 3(k) of The Wakf Act, 1995, which says any person interested in Wakf can file a case.

According to the Act, person interested in wakf means any person who is entitled to receive any pecuniary or other benefits from the wakf and includes any person who has a right to worship or to perform any religious rite in a mosque, idgah, imambara, dargah, khangah, maqbara, graveyard or any other religious institution connected with the wakf or to participate in any religious or charitable institution under the wakf.

Yet, the MIM leaders chose to remain silent which shows their dishonesty towards their much hyped ideals. 


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