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Modi begins LED bulbs scheme


The News Bureau, Jan 6 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday launched a scheme for LED bulb distribution in Delhi and LED-based Home and Street Lighting. 

The Prime Minister also replaced one bulb in South Block with an LED bulb. Replacement of all bulbs in South Block with LED bulbs would facilitate savings of 7000 units of energy monthly. He said that it was more economical to conserve power than to produce power.&nbsp

It is much more difficult to conserve power than to produce power. It also requires participation of people to conserve power. Therefore, he called for generating awareness. He called for extensive involvement of celebrities and eminent citizens in these programmes, who could motivate people to adopt LED bulbs. 

The Prime Minister said these programmes launched today also represent a challenge to manufacturers, to rise to the occasion, and produce LED bulbs without any compromise on quality. 

Modi suggested that diaries and calendars on New Year should be replaced by LEDs gifts. Companies could also distribute the LED bulbs along with dividend payments. States must prioritize the scheme in towns with a population above one lakh. LED bulbs would cut import bills and as it would also save the environment.


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