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Mosque sacrificed for money?

  • Nefarious deals between Corrupt Politicians, officials and the accused
  • So-called gentlemen too enter into secret deals at the cost of Qutb Shahi Mosque

There have been instances where communal clashes erupted when non-Muslims played drums in front of a mosque. Imagine what happens if a mosque is demolished.

Don’t shudder. After some protests by common Muslims, politicians and

corrupt officials entered into a compromise with those who demolished a Qutb Shahi Mosque in the old city of Hyderabad. 

It happened because the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) did not evince any interest as the people involved in the demolition were very close to MIM. The accused were real estate developers and rich enough to silence corrupt politicians and officials.

This is the case of Masjid-e-Qutb Shahi, located in survey numbers 97, 98 and 99 of Balapur village in Ranga Reddy district. The vast extent of land surrounding the mosque was attached to wakf institution.
Trouble began when real estate developers – Dream India Group – launched its new project ‘Mega Dream City at Balapur, RCI. They planned to grab the wakf lands by removing the mosque.

Accordingly, they first began cleaning the open lands bit by bit and one fine day on January 17, 2012 demolished the 400 years old mosque with the help of hea

avy machinery. Devout Muslims, wakf protection activists and MBT leaders staged agitations demanding severe punishment for the people responsible for the demolition of the mosque.

Initially, it appeared police danced to the tunes of the real estate developers and their god fathers. The police officials tried to create fear among the protestors by shooting the images of the protestors. But police had to relent in view of the growing protests.

The wakf board was forced to act and lodge a complaint against the land grabbers. Police registered a case against Saleem, Sanobar Baig and others, based on the complaint given by the wakf board officials.

The then Minister for Minorities Welfare, Syed Mohammed Ahmedullah, who visited the site following protests, told the devout Muslims that he had asked the police commissioner to keep the accused behind bars until the reconstruction of the mosque.

However, the accused came out of the jail within few days and pulled the strings through their god fathers in such a way that the Wakf Board surrendered to the demolishers and arrived at a compromise.

The Wakf Board facilitated the accused in getting an order from the high court quashing the FIR lodged against them, while the police officials looked the other way.

The court quashed the FIR based on a memo issued by the then CEO of Wakf Board M A Gaffar to Inspector Auditor of Ranga Reddy, Shabbar Basha, who had lodged the complaint on the representation of Osman Bin Mohammed Al Hajri.

Subsequently, the accused developed a huge real estate venture named Mega Dream City. The brochures show the mosque in the middle of the gated community, which in itself is self explanatory that the venture has been developed on encroached land.
In fact, the real estate developers are boasting about constructing the mosque as part of the venture and the wakf board, politicians, police, revenue, registration and income tax official

s are keeping mysterious silence.

Even if it is assumed that the land is not wakf property and owned by the accused, it is mandatory for them to convert the land use from agriculture to non-agriculture purposes. And for this, the land owners must pay nine percent of the market value.

In this case, the accused were supposed to pay little over Rs 2 crore towards conversion fee. The moment the land is converted into commercial, its value goes up and buyers will have to pay stamp duty on square yard basis. 

But the accused neither converted the land from agriculture to non-agriculture purpose, nor did they pay any fee, thereby causing huge revenue loss to the exchequer.

Complaints were given to revenue, police and registration departments in this connection. But, none of the departments bothered to initiate action for the simple reason that the accused enjoy the support of their god fathers. 

It is time the officials of revenue, registration and income tax departments take action against the accused, while politicians need to protect the interests of common people. Also, the buyers should rethink on their plans to invest in Dream India projects.


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