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No election, but selection of TCLP leader?


Though Congress has won just 20 odd Assembly seats in Telangana, ten of them are fighting for the TCLP leader post. The post will have Cabinet minister rank apart from the power it entails. 

Leaders including Jana Reddy, Uttamkumar Reddy, DK Aruna, Geetha Reddy, eevan Reddy, Bhatti Vikramarka are in contention for the post. This has made the process complicated as no consensus could be arrived. 

There is another problem. Most of T Congress leaders have

ood relations with KCR. It will be difficult to take on KCR for such leaders now. Though JAna Reddy is said to have the support of majority MLAs, others like Uttam Kumar Reddy and Bhatti have formed into an interest group. It will b interesting to see future developments.

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