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PM’s address thro’ twitter


The News Bureau, Jan 30

Taking his innovative use of social media Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the 18th national conference on e-Governance through twitter. This is the first time that a PM addressed through twitter.

PM tweeted:

“Good morning friends! I am delighted to join the 18th National Conference on e-Governance through twitter. I wanted to attend the conference but was unable to do so. How

ver, there was no way I could miss interacting with you.”

“I decided to use technology and talk to you via this medium. I am told this conference brings together delegates from Central and State Governments, armed forces, academia, industry and private sector.”

“The participants and their expertise make this conference a perfect forum to look at the way forward to effective and efficient e-governance. I am also told that 22 awards will be presented in 12 categories. I congratulate all the award winners.”

Digital governance

“I am particularly delighted that the theme revolves around digital governance, skill development and employability. We are working to create a robust digital infrastructure that would serve the interests of citizens and transform their lives.”

“E-governance is an essential part of Digital India. The more technology we infuse in governance, the better it is for In

ndia. I am also certain that e-governance will remove obstacles slowing the pace of work and progress.”

Mobile first

“While we look at e-governance, let us think about ‘mobile first’ and give importance to mobile governance. I urge you to explore ways to provide as many services as possible through mobiles. Let us bring the world into our mobile phones.” 


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