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Puppet Destroys Nani Hopes


Pawan kalyan seems to be responsible for the confusion in the TDP regarding the allotment of the Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat. Apparently, in response to a request by the TDP, Pawan Kalyan has recommended the name of Prasad V Potluri for the Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat. This means that Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) is out of the fray. Nani who is the in charge-of the Vijayawada Parliamentary constituency for TDP had mentally prepared himself to contest for the Lok Sabha from a long time ago after recei

ing assurances from the TDP to this effect. Now, the equations have changed thanks to Pawan Kalyan. Once Prasad Potluri realized that he could not get the Vijayawada seat, he encouraged and funded Pawan to set up the Jana Sena. This way, he has now assured himself of the ticket. As for Nani, he is completely miffed and sulking. Chandrababu himself is trying to pacify Nani and asked the latter to contest from Assembly from either Vijayawada East or Penamuluru constituencies. But Nani is not ken on an Assembly ticket. Also from Vijayawada East, there is stiff competition from Devineni Nehru and Vangaveeti Radha whereas ex-minister, Parthasarathi is contesting from Penamuluru. It’s not going to be easy for Nani. The entry of Pawan Kalyan has dashed his hopes. As for Pawan Kalyan, despite all his so called ideology and ‘ism’, he is just a puppet in the hands of Naidu and a political buffoon, who will be used and thrown away by the TDP. Just like his brother, he might end
up with a lot of money, courtesy of PVP, but there is no denying the fact that he is in the political arena only to facilitate a TDP victory and will in all likelihood end up losing all credibility like his brother. – See more at: http://www.greatandhra.com/politics/gossip/puppet-destroys-nani-hopes-55555.html#sthash.IvygRlrL.dpuf


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