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Revenge of a Businesswoman


Hyderabad (The News)

This story appears to be a Tollywood potboiler. A man allegedly cheated his female business partner and also tried to portray her as a woman of loose character. The woman, in an attempt to take revenge and recover the money from her business partner, got killed the latter’s wife with the help of a typist working for the police department.

Kolthur Krishna of Bapunagar in Amberpet had been working in the Bihar branch of V

davaag Systems Limited for quite some time. He used to visit his family – wife Sunitha, son Uday Kiran and daughter Shravani – once in two months. On April 16, 2014, i.e. a month after his visit to city, Krishna received a message on his mobile from his wife saying she was eloping with her lover and asked him to be happy and take care of children. A similar message was sent to Krishna’s son Uday in which Sunitha purported to have asked the boy to take care of his sister.

Immediately, both Krishna and Uday tried to contact Sunitha but her mobile phone was switched off. Krishna asked his son and relatives to search for Sunitha and he himself hurried to airport to reach Hyderabad. He could land in Hyderabad on June 18. Since his son and relatives could not trace Sunitha by then, he lodged a complaint with Amberpet police.

It took about a month for the investigators to identify the suspect with the help of technology. Soon, the suspect P Jagannadham Naidu,

, who worked as typist in Sanathnagar police station on temporary basis, was picked up for questioning on July 9. During questioning he spilled the beans. He narrated how Sunitha was lured to a hideout and then killed at the behest of Vijaya Reddy, the former business partner of Sunitha and her husband Krishna.

Naidu told police that he got acquainted with Krishna, his wife Sunitha and Vijaya Reddy when he was working as typist at Kukatpally police station. The trio went to Kukatpally police station in November 2011 following financial disputes in their partnership business related to VK Drugs. However, Krishna managed to get a stay on all proceedings in the case filed by Vijaya.

Naidu disclosed to police that Vijaya approached him for help in settling business disputes with Krishna. She reportedly told Naidu that Krishna took away Rs 2 crore bank loan sanctioned to VK Drugs and then began assassinating her character in an attempt to swallow the money. “Vijaya offered to give huge amount if I help her in recovering the loan amount from Krishna and also for damaging his family’s reputation,” Naidu told police.

Accordingly, Naidu was waiting for an opportunity to foist trouble for Krishna and his family which came in the first week of April. He happened to visit a crime scene in Sanathnagar police station limits where an unidentified man was found murdered. Naidu quickly scribbled in a slip saying ‘Kolthur Krishna warned me’ and threw it in the crime scene. Subsequently, police questioned him but could not find any evidence for his involvement in the crime.

As his plan turned out to be a flop, Naidu thought of another plan. He stole a SIM card from a seized mobile phone in Sanathnagar police station and contacted Sunitha using the stolen SIM. Naidu lured her for drinks as the latter was fond of consuming toddy. Within few days, he became so close to Sunitha that he could invite her for drinks at his office-

cum-guest house in Attapur.  

Before picking up Sunitha from Amberpet, Naidu informed Vijaya of the developments and asked her to be ready on April 16, 2014. He picked up Sunitha from Amberpet in his Maruti car and reached his office at Attapur at around 11.30 am. Once there, Sunitha began consuming toddy and went into semiconscious state. At this point, Naidu strangled her to death using her saree and relieved gold ornaments from the body. He then chopped the body into pieces using a butcher’s wife he purchased for the purpose and stuffed the parts in plastic bags, police said.

Naidu then met Vijaya to update her with the developments. Later, he sent lewd messages to Krishna and his son using Sunitha’s mobile phone before turning it off and abandoning it on the road side. He also abandoned the mobile phone in which the stolen SIM was inserted. Subsequently, Naidu and Vijaya cleaned the office to wipe of the blood stains and dumped the plastic bags covered in bed sheet along with butcher’s knife in an isolated place in Attapur area, police said.
The gold ornaments taken from Sunitha’s body were sold away along with the ornaments of Vijaya as the latter wanted money to send her son to US. Sanathnagar Sub-Inspector Ramesh Naik helped them sell the gold ornaments at Shankarlal Jewellers in Basheerbagh. The investigators traced the murderer with the help of call data record of the victim, police said.
Based on Naidu’s confession, Vijaya was arrested on July 7, 2014 and both were sent to judicial custody. 


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