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Yap checks over-eating


The News Bureau, Jan 16

Now Yap warns us to put a ceiling on our eating habits. Quite an interesting signal but on has to load ‘ carrot hunger’ in our smart phones.

It is a foregone conclusion that limited intake would be as good as a heavenly beverage. But it is difficult to set aside any tasty food that comes in the way more so when we are hungry.

It is also difficult to take into account or measure the extent we eat in terms of calories daily. Therefore

ap’s warning comes as a timely warning provided the system is safe in our smart phones to scan our over eating.

The device issues a warning to the effect that how many more calories were cosumed by an individual. In a way this signal checks our weight and facilitates upkeep of our health. So good and so scintillating is the yap’s assistance.


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