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Amma, Didi, Left & BJP retain power


New Delhi, May 19 (The News)

In an emotional finale to the Assembly races in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Pondicherry, the torch ladies boss clergymen Amma J Jayalalithaa and Mamata Didi held force in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal individually, while BJP scripted history by directing Congress in Assam with an immense edge and the LDF developed successful trouncing UDF in Kerala. In Pondicherry, the Congress-DMK organization together will frame the administr


Overcoming a few way out surveys that anticipated its annihilation, Amma Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK won 75 voting demographics so far and is driving in 54 voting public over its resistance Karunanidhi-drove DMK and is good to go to shape the legislature. With this excellent triumph, Jayalalithaa accomplished an uncommon deed of holding force, 30 years after her coach MGR set the record.

In the interim in West Bengal, Trinamool Congress’ Mamata Banerjee who went isolated in the challenge expanded her gathering’s dominant part when contrasted with its 2011 execution and recovered force by trouncing the CPM+Congress partnership which secured just 72 seats. By securing 208 seats and driving in 4 more bodies electorate, Didi has won two-third greater part and is good to go to frame the legislature.

It is BJP which had the last chuckle in Assam, where the gathering steered the decision Congress party by winning 77 situates so far and driving in 11 more seats. Congres

ss’ Tarun Gogoi, who has been ruling over Assam throughout the previous 15 years, was made to feel content securing only 21 seats in the tea wicker bin of India.

In Kerala, the voters gave a reasonable command by criticizing the corrupted boss clergyman Oommen Chandy’s UDF and crowing the brilliance to the Left Democratic Front, which has picked up 88 seats as against United Democratic Front’s 50. In Pondicherry, the Congress-DMK organization together is good to go to frame the legislature by developing successful in 17 seats, while the AINRC secured 8 bastions.


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