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Beware of honey traps BCCI tells cricketers


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In an apparent move to protect the sanctity of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the image of its players, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) sat down with the players of different franchises and explained to them how fixers use honeytraps to woo cricketers.

The menace of spot-fixing has once again engulfed the cash-rich league and the news of a Rajasthan Royals player being approached made headlines recently. Strangely, the BCC

refused to name the players involved but confirmed the news.

Though this time another domestic player tried to lure the cricketer, it is a known fact that fixers and bettors often use honeytraps to draw players into their web.

While the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) officials have previously worked to make players aware of such moves by fixers and other suspect elements, this time they got into an in-depth discussion on how to avoid honeytraps and stay away from fixers.

An official of one of the franchises said that the team had a full session with their ACSU official where the emphasis was on explaining to the players the network through which fixers generally work and how they finally force the cricketers into joining hands with them.

The official said, It is often seen that the players feel they are too smart to be trapped, but the reality is that we are all human beings and these things can happen to any of us.

So the offic

cial told us how they first plant a character with an imaginary name in the life of a player. This person will start off as a fan, and then try to get to know the player personally.

It starts with frequent messaging to make the bond with the player stronger. After this, the cricketer is approached to go out for dinner and frequent attempts are made to get intimate with him at the earliest. Once this aim is achieved, an MMS reaches the player, followed by a phone call by the fixers.

This is the time when the player is given the choice of either joining hands with them or seeing the MMS being leaked on the internet. There is no chance of a happy ending for the trapped individual, he explained.

A BCCI member said the Board was doing everything to stop the fixing menace. We are trying our best. The image of the game can’t keep taking a beating, he said.


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