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BJP can be defeated in other states : Nitish Kumar


Varanasi, May 12 (The News)

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday said his Janata Dal-United will grow in Uttar Pradesh and that the BJP can be crushed in different states too.When BJP can be vanquished in Bihar, they can be vanquished in different states as well,” Nitish Kumar told a rally in Pindra territory of Varanasi, the Lok Sabha voting public of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We need a RSS free nation and an alcohol free society,” he added.He f

cused on the Bharatiya Janata Party for ridiculing the Grand Alliance which the JD-U, the RJD and the Congress framed in Bihar.”When we held hands last year,BJP taunted at us. However, the general population of Bihar taught them a decent lesson in the get together decision.”

Nitish Kumar asked individuals in states which will see gathering races to pick astutely as all guarantees made by the BJP stayed unfulfilled even two years after Modi took office.He said the JD-U was “wanting to spread ourselves in UP bigly and make party individuals here”. Uttar Pradesh will see get together decisions one year from now.


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