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Bollywood inspired Indian stalker in Australia


Sydney, July 24 (IANS) An Indian man, facing trial for stalking women in Australia, has told the court his acts were inspired by Bollywood movies.

Sandesh Baliga, 31, an Indian national based in the Australian state of Tasmania, has been accused of stalking two women in 2012 and 2013, ABC news reported.

The Hobart Magistrates Court was told that the colourful, romantic films from India contributed to Baliga’s belief that if you persist, a woman would eventually fall in love wi

h you.

The court heard the accused began texting, calling and approaching the women excessively after single, chance meetings.

Baliga kept ignoring the requests from both the women to stop following them.

The court heard that the women complained to the police after he started referring to himself as their boyfriend.

His lawyer Greg Barns said Baliga was from a remote part of India and had only been in Tasmania for two years.

The defence said Indian culture had contributed to his behaviour and he now realised that this was not the social norm in Australia.

The case will be heard again in September this year.


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