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Campus placements Lack of soft skills making it hard









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The biggest challenge in getting placements for engineering and manage-ment graduates o

Telangana state is the skill their course syllabus does not provide, it is: Soft Skills. More than fifty percent of the students pursuing engineering and management courses from Telangana-based institutes could not get campus placements simply because lack of soft skills.

The information from All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has revealed this sorry state of states professional college education. Many lectures and academic in charges of these institutions feel there is little change in the situation and more than half their students have little or no chances of getting placements even next year.

The state of Telangana has 377 engineering and 410 management institutions. Of the total number of engineering students who graduated from the state between 2012 and 2016, only 21per cent managed to secure a job through campus recruitments. Similarly, in the case of management students, the percentage of e

employed graduates stood at a meagre 29 per cent.

The analysis of data further asserts that companies limit their placement visits to a few colleges alone, despite the managements of various institutions taking extra measures to train students for these job interviews. The biggest challenge: soft skills.

It has been observed by placement in changes that even if students have enough knowledge about their area of study, they are unable to present their case in front of recruiters. Many students face issues answering basic questions like, `tell us something about you.

The situation at management institutions is much the same. The selection process comprises written test, group discussion and personal interview. In most cases, companies are looking for academic knowledge as well as aptitude skills. Therefore experts are advising students to brush up their skills before appearing for campus placements.

Some college managements attribute this unfortunate trend to the change in requirement of companies over the last few years. They are of the opinion that companies now look for additional skills among students. Those with hands-on experience in areas such as Oracle, SAP, cyber security, Internet of Things among others, are preferred and find placements easily. Keeping this in view they are advising students to do one of those courses outside the college in their free time.









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