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Corrupted three officials were suspended


New Delhi, Dec 26 (The News)

The three officials of the Delhi Transport Department Deputy Commmissioner Roy Biswas, investigator Manish Puri, and Anil Yadav, an assistant were set under suspension with prompt impact after an abnormal state meeting, led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday morning.

“Three authorities of transport office being suspended. Debasement in issuing crisp letter of hobbies for 3-wheelers,” Deputy Chief Minister Manish Si

odia said.Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai said he got a few grumblings on Wednesday about inconsistencies in issuance of Letter of Intents to auto drivers at Burari Authority of Transport Department.

“I held a meeting with Joint Commissioner and other senior officers on the following day, and issued bearings to enquire into the matter,” he said.Kejriwal got a SMS from some autorickshaw drivers in regards to specific inconsistencies in appropriation of Letters of Intent on Friday evening, taking after which he rang Gopal Rai and came to realize that the matter had been now conveyed to his notification.

The boss clergyman met a meeting with his bureau clergymen and senior government authorities on Saturday, prompting suspension of the three authorities.

The vehicle clergyman had made a preparatory enquries in which two sorts of anomalies were uncovered the LOIs were issued on pick and pick premise in spite of requests of the Transport Minister to take after seq

quential request and the LOIs were being given over to certain unapproved persons rather than the recipients.

Each of the 932 LOIs issued by the vehicle office till date are scrapped. The activity of issuing LOIs has been put on hold.”The matter has been alluded to Vigilance Department of Government of NCTD for further enquiry. The matter will be alluded to CBI for examination if so justified on the premise of report of Vigilance Department,” the vehicle clergyman said.


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