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Court seeks government view on using eco-friendly engine


New Delhi, July 22 (IANS) The Delhi High Court Tuesday issued notice to the central and Delhi governments on a scientist’s plea seeking permission to fit his invention — an eco-friendly fuel-cell auto engine — in vehicles plying on a commercial basis here.

Justice V.K. Shali asked the road transport and highways ministry and the Delhi transport department to reply on the plea filed by Kanishk Sinha asking government to grant him no-objection certificate (NOC) to implement his “eco-

riendly zinc-oxyen fuel-cell engine” in auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws.

Sinha claimed that by fitting the engine invented by him, which is “long lasting, non-polluting, non-hazardous and inexpensive” will control the pollution level in the capital.

He said that his representation for implementation of his technology is pending before the central and Delhi governments since March 2010 and sought direction for a decision on his representation.

Advocate Zubeda Begum, standing counsel of the Delhi government, assured the court that Sinha’s representation will be decided in three months and a decision will be taken.

Sinha, a young scientist, also contended that the engine offers complete non-polluting, successful, air-fuelled vehicular alternative hitherto unseen and unheard and runs a vehicle for 4.5 lakh km at an expense of a mere Rs.35,000.

The plea stated that Sinha launched his technology at UN climate change programme in Delhi in 2009 and received na

ational and international commendation and acclaim.

“The petitioner’s (Sinha) engine has been widely recognised as a long-lasting, non-polluting, non-hazardous alternative to engines/motors running on hydrocarbons whose reserves are fast depleting, and also ‘e-rickshaws’ running on toxic lead-batteries that have a short life span, and are cost-inefficient,” said the plea.

Sinha said that his engine will drastically curtail environmental degradation and is also the patent holder of his invention in US and Canada, which are already using the technology in vehicles.


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