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DC Comics celebrates Batman Day


Madrid, July 23 (IANS/EFE) US publisher DC Comics Wednesday celebrated “Batman Day” with a free special edition, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the dark knight’s first appearance.

A special issue of “Detective Comic #27”, updated by Chip Kidd and Brad Melzer, would be handed free to Batman fans in specialised stores and bookshops across the world, the publishing firm said on its website.

Along with the issue, DC Comics will also give away bookmarks with images of the

aped crusader and four masks designed by artist Ryan Sook to mark the four main periods of the character.

Sook has taken as a model the mask that was created in 1939 by Bob Kane, another imitating actor Brad Meltzer in the television series aired in 1966, the third appearing in “The Dark Knight Returns” (created by Frank Miller) and the fourth drawn by Greg Capullo in “DC Comics-The New 52”.




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