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Declare Cow As National Animal: Maulana Syed Arshad Madani


New Delhi, May 11(The News)

Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind president Maulana Syed Arshad Madani recommended as he communicated worry over the “air of dread” after assaults by gau rakshaks. “The administration ought to give national creature status to the bovine and we will bolster it,” Mr Madani said. The nation has seen numerous episodes of viciousness by dairy animals vigilantes, he said. “These gau rakshaks are abusing religion to plunder and murd

r individuals. We regard the religious suppositions of our Hindu brethren however nobody can be permitted to take lawfulness into their own hands,” he said.

He asked the legislature to bring a dairy animals assurance law that will ensure cows with the goal that individuals’ lives can likewise be saved.Referring to the issue of triple talaq that will be talked about in the Supreme Court today, he said it was a “religious matter and could have just a religious arrangement”. “On the off chance that the Supreme Court turns out with such an adequate arrangement, we will welcome it,” he said.

The top court, he included, ought to ask the ulemas or Islamic researchers, to talk about its protests and turned out with arrangements before direct intercession in the matter. ” the court ought to allow to the ulemas to talk about and deal with its complaints over triple talaq. At that point they may consider those arrangements

and give judgment. Such a judgment in light of religious understanding will be worthy to us,” he included.

The matter was being “made a huge deal about” by the media and now even the Supreme Court was slanted to intercede in it, Mr Madani said. “The way triple talaq is being discussed nowadays, it seems like there are separated ladies in each family unit and every Muslim man has four spouses.” The Islamic law gives 14 rights to a wedded lady who can look for talaq in the event that she feels any of these rights are encroached upon by her significant other.


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