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Delhi High Court rejected Bharti’s bail plea


New Delhi, Sep 22 (The News)

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday rejected the expectant safeguard request of previous Delhi law clergyman Somnath Bharti, blamed for aggressive behavior at home by his wife Lipika Mitra.Justice Suresh Kait said while releasing Bharti’s supplication.

The High Court had on September 15 allowed Bharti, an Aam Aadmi Party official from Malviya Nagar, insurance against capture till September 17 and looked for a police report on the statu

of examination in the case.Bharti had looked for cancelation of warrant issued against him by a trial court.

Bharti was named in a first data report (FIR) documented under distinctive procurements of the Indian Penal Code, including charges of aggressive behavior at home and endeavor to murder, at Dwarka North police headquarters in west Delhi.

Police said they documented the FIR taking after the June 10 protest by Bharti’s wife, who said the AAP pioneer had been manhandling her since the time that their marriage in 2010. She additionally asserted that Bharti beat and tormented her and once even attempted to murder her.


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