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Demanding cow to be named ‘Rashtra Mata’


Rajkot, March 18 (The News)

Eight men in Gujarat drank pesticide in the midst of a test in Gujarat requiring the ox-like to be broadcasted “rashtra mata”. One of the men has gone on, the police said. Three are represented in fundamental condition in hospital.The “gau bhakts” or dairy creatures admirers ate up the poison at a rally outside an organization office in Rajkot on Thursday.

The dairy creatures confirmation activists professedly said that they were si

ilarly unsettled with the butcher of bovines in different parts of the country.Senior cop Kalpesh Chavda was refered to by news office Press Trust of India as saying that an examination will choose how the men made sense of how to drink pesticide however the police was accessible at the test and had been forewarned around a possible suicide try.

Cow butcher and the usage of burger are banned in Gujarat, as in various other states.”To secure bovines, which are brilliant to us like Gods, we need to declare it the mother of the nation,” said Dhaval Pandya, who took an enthusiasm for the difference in Rajkot, however did not drink pesticide.Around 27 people from the same assembling furthermore endeavored to piece avenues in Rajkot, yet were restricted, police said.


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