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DGP PC Thakur: Mobile internet will be closed from sept 20


Ahmedabad, Sep 19 (The News)

In an offer to control spread of bits of gossip after detainment of Patel group pioneer Hardik, the Gujarat organization on Saturday banned portable Internet administrations over the state.”We have chosen to boycott versatile Internet administration in the state to handle the lawfulness circumstance and to check the bits of gossip crosswise over Gujarat for an uncertain period”, Director General of Police PC Thakur expressed.


, who has been unsettling to get reservation under OBC standard for his group, was today confined by the Surat city police in front of his Ekta Rally.According to a notice issued by Ahmedabad city Police Commissioner Shivanand Jha, portable Internet administrations have been banned from this evening to 12 PM on September 20.

Jha in the warning said the move has been made to check bits of gossip after Hardik’s confinement and to control the lawfulness situation.Soon after the 22 year-old pioneer’s detainment, Surat locale authority issued notice putting prohibition on versatile Internet administrations for 24 hours.

“In Rajkot additionally, versatile Internet administrations have been restricted for a week”, said District Collector Manisha Chandra. Gujarat had seen viciousness after Hardik’s detainment on August 25, in which ten individuals were murdered in the state and property of crores was harmed also. At that point as well, the state organization had banned versatil

le Internet administrations for around a week to anticipate bits of gossip.

Nonetheless, the city organization declined authorization to OBC Ekta Manch to hold its rally. Gujarat went into a condition of high ready after the PAAS authorities’ confinements.

Capturing a potential peace circumstance, Surat Police kept Patidars pioneer Hardik Patel and no less than 50 of his supporters when they endeavored to dispatch an ‘Ekta Rally’ here on Saturday morning, authorities said. The rally, which the police asserted as ‘unapproved’, was to press for the rank based bookings for the Patel group led by Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti.

PAAS convenor Hardik Patel, 22, and no less than 50 others were kept at Mangad Chowk and raced off in holding up police vans to the police central station. Courageous by the confinements, the Patels resisted the police and took out another rally from Hirabagh region from where PAAS co-convenor Nikhil Patel was likewise kept.

Not long after the detainment, Hardik Patel said police were pestering them as they needed to take out a serene rally, and blamed the Gujarat government for “annoying everyone”. “The Gujarat government is inciting savagery however our own is a tranquil tumult. We ask for the general population of the state for backing. We are not against any group, but rather simply battling to get bookings for our group,” Patel said.

PAAS termed the detainments as “illicit and bulldozing of majority rule government by the Gujarat government” which was acting at the inside’s command. Saturday’s ‘Ekta Rally’ was tossed a test by the restricting OBC Ekta Manch, which undermined to take out a ‘Pratikar Rally’ challenging against the reservations looked for by the Patidars.


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