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Ex-servicemen evicted by the police from Jantar Mantar


New Delhi,Aug 14 (The News)

Ex-servicemen, demanding one rank one pension , were evicted by the police from Jantar Mantar here, prior national holiday on holy day of obligation, police officers aforementioned on weekday.

“It could be a capital of India Municipal Council drive, assisted by police, wherever all the protestors square measure being evicted from Jantar Mantar for security purpose before national holiday,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Singh t

ld.The ex-servicemen, however, aforementioned that they had all the permissions needed for the protest.

“We have the permission required to carry the protest and are complaining peacefully. this is often simply an effort to induce obviate North American nation, as they do not have a solution to our demands,” alinement of Ex-Servicemen advocate mountain pass. Anil Kaul (retd.) told.

A final judgment on the agitation are taken on holy day of obligation because the ex-servicemen hope associate announcement is also created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi thereon day, he said.With OROP, retired personnel would draw an equivalent pension as officers and troopers of an equivalent rank UN agency square measure retiring currently.

The OROP can profit twenty five hundred thousand ex-servicemen. it’s expected to price the govt around Rs.8,500 crore.A section of the previous troopers has been staging a relay nonviolence on the problem here since June fifteen.


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