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Government Plans to link Bhima and Manjara rivers in Maharashtra


New Delhi, May 2 (The News)

Government arrangements to connect Bhima and Manjara streams in Maharashtra to handle water emergency circumstance in dry spell hit Marathwada locale of the state over the long haul, Rajya Sabha was educated today.Union Minister of State for Water Resources Sanwar Lal Jat said this because of inquiries on the move the Center is making to figure long haul answers for water deficiency in Marathwada and Bundelkhand areas.

“The long hau

measures in Marathawada, entomb alia, incorporate interlinking of Bhima and Manjara waterways,” he said.Mr Jat said, as a component of the administration’s endeavors, the Central Ground Water Board has organized Bundelkhand and parts of Marathwada for aquifer mapping and administration program”In request to depict aquifer air and their characterisation alongside evaluation and for planning of aquifer/range particular ground water administration arranges”.

The pastor additionally said the CGWB had in 2013 arranged a theoretical archive titled ‘All-inclusive strategy for Artificial Recharge to Ground Water in India’ which imagines development of various sorts of simulated revive and water collecting structures in the nation including the two dry season hit areas.

Mr Jat said, the legislature has deputed specialized groups involving officers of CWC and CGWB for on the spot investigation of water circumstance and connection with the state governments.Asked whether water le

evel in the two districts have dove to 500 ft subterranean level, Mr Jat contrasted, saying the most profound ground water level recorded in Marathwada locale is 140 ft, while that in Bundelkhand is 49.4 m both as indicated by a January 2016 evaluation.

Reacting to another inquiry, he said four noteworthy dams checked by CWC, in particular Jayakwadi, Bhima, Yeldari and Girna, have reported zero water stock level according to the most recent release for week finishing on April 21.


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