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Heat wave claims over 1800 lives


The News Bureau

India’s heat wave has killed 1,826 people in just over a week of scorching temperatures across the country. That is the highest death toll from exposure to heat in the last 20 years.

While India’s summer is a killer every year, this time has been much worse. To find the reason, you need to go back two years, when rainfall was scant in Andhra Pradesh, and has recorded 1,334 deaths, the highest in the country. Prakasam district has recorded the h

ghest number of deaths at 202, followed by Guntur (130) and Visakhapatnam (112).

About 440 people have died in Telangana in the last week, including 100 deaths in the last 24 hours, compared with 31 deaths from heat-wave in the whole of 2014.

Temperatures in both states have soared up to 47 degrees Celcius. The rest of India has also seen the mercury rising to blistering levels. 43 deaths were reported from Orissa and 13 in West Bengal. Other affected states include Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The worst hit are labourers working on construction sites. Driven by poverty, they often work long hours under the hot sun on barren land without shade-giving trees, and have no access to airconditioners at home.

Indian authorities announce a heatwave when the mercury hits 45 degrees Celcius, or if the highest temperature is over five degrees higher than normal for that time of the year.

Six boys killed as they enter reservoir to es

scape heat wave Six children have drowned in India after jumping into a huge reservoir in a desperate bid to cool down in the middle of a heat wave that has already claimed 1,800 lives.

The boys, aged between eight and 14, decided to go for a swim near the Lower Manair Dam at Alugunur in Karimnagar district after a game of cricket, as temperatures soared to 48 degrees Centigrade.

Only one of the six children was able to swim properly and it is believed he was killed after jumping in to the water in order to save the rest of the group after they misjudged the depth of the water.

The dead boys were later identified as Yachamaneni Pratheesh, 13, his 10-year-old brother Pradyumna, twins Juvvadi and Suhith Soumith, both eight, Joginapalli Shiva Sai and Danaboina Sai Srijan Reddy, both aged 14 years.

Police said that the incident occurred at about 8 am on May 27 and that only Joginapalli Shiva Sai was able to swim properly. Boinapalli Rohan, a friend of the group who decided not to join them for a swim, alerted the boys’ parents, who called the police.

Expert divers were sent to the scene but were unable to save anybody. The divers took three hours to recover the bodies.


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