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High Security At Delhi Airport


New Delhi, Feb 10 (The News)

Security offices today went into a hissy fit after the call focus at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi got an unknown call about the vicinity of a “terrorist”.The call was later announced as “non-particular” by the Bomb Threat Assessment Committee (BTAC), air terminal sources said.

Flight operations amid this period were unaffected, they said.”At around 2.30 am the call focal point of the Indira Gandhi International

irport got a mysterious call saying that somebody from Amritsar present at the airplane terminal was a terrorist.

The data was instantly gone on to the airplane terminal powers and in addition all the avionics security organizations,” the sources said.The BTAC was shaped to evaluate the danger, they said, including, security offices did a broad screening of the general population at the airport.The BTAC pronounced the call as “non-particular” at around 3.30 am, the sources said.


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