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ISRO’s GSAT-18 Satellite Launched Successfully


French Guiana, Oct 6 (The News)

While a large portion of India rested, the blue skies over the rainforests of French Guiana in South America, where the French spaceport is found, lit up as the monster Ariane 5 rocket thundered into the sky a little before sundown.After a postponement of a day because of terrible climate, the enormous European rocket lifted off into the sky over the equator and set India’s overwhelming satellite GSAT-18 into space about thirty minutes

fter the fact.

The correspondences satellite, measuring a gigantic 3.4 tons, will support managing an account and TV services.With the dispatch, the 52 meter high and 777 ton overwhelming Ariane 5 rocket finished its 74th continuously fruitful launch.Speaking to NDTV at the launchpad in Kourou, Dr A S Kiran Kumar, Chairman, ISRO called it an “immaculately terrific and wonderful dispatch”.

“India has had a long co-operation with Ariane beginning with our Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment (APPLE) in 1981. Today ISRO has ability of putting just 2.2 ton-satellites into space and consequently we come to Kourou and Ariane for putting higher limit satellites,” he said.ISRO’s Master Control Facility (MCF) at Hassan in Karnataka assumed control over the summon and control of GSAT-18 quickly after its partition from the dispatch vehicle. Preparatory wellbeing checks of the satellite demonstrated all frameworks were fine.

Conveying 48 transponders, the GSAT-18 satellite

supports India’s correspondence capabilities.According to ISRO, in the coming days, circle raising moves will be performed to put GSAT-18 satellite in a Geostationary Orbit – 36,000 km over the equator – with the goal that it stays bolted on to a particular purpose of the Earth’s surface.


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