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Kerala will launch ‘Female Film Society’


Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 14 (The News)

Kerala, which once saw the most praised film society development in the nation, is currently all set to get its first ladies film society.The Kerala Sthree Padana Kendram, a non-benefit association which concentrates on examination and mindfulness ventures on sexual orientation delicate issues, will dispatch the ‘Female Film Society’ in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday.

The general public will sort out film celebrations highli

hting ladies driven motion pictures and movies, scripted and helmed by ladies chiefs over the world, KSPK individuals said. The yearly Female Film Festival, composed by the Padana Kendram throughout the previous couple of years, would be led by the recently framed society in a more endless canvas from one year from now, they said.

Padana Kendram Director P S Sreekala said however film social orders have been normal in the nation for a long time, a stage only concentrating on the works of ladies movie producers is exceptionally rare.A number of film celebrations are held in different parts of our nation incorporating in Kerala now-a-days. Be that as it may, ladies driven motion pictures are not getting much space in such celebrations.

Female movie producers likewise appeared to be denied meriting consideration, Sreekala stated.This has provoked us to consider a film society only for ladies. Film celebrations, as well as examinations and different occasions to advance gen

nuine silver screen will be led under its standard, she said.

A school speaker by calling, Sreekala said screening a few motion pictures for the sole purpose of leading a film celebration is not the plan of the recently framed female film society. The gathering of people who go to the celebration is likewise extremely important.Our center is to charm plebeians, regardless of age or training foundation, to the celebration. What we need is to make mindfulness about world film among average people particularly ladies, she said.

Then again, the Society’s participation is not limited to ladies alone, she said. The general public will be propelled by prominent movie producer Adoor Gopalakrishnan at a capacity here tomorrow.Film buffs as of late commended the 50th year of film society development in Kerala.


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