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Male and white workers dominate jobs at Twitter


New York, July 24 (IANS) Male and white workers occupy most of the tech and leadership jobs at Twitter, the microblogging site has acknowledged.

Releasing the demographic make-up of its workers Wednesday, Twitter said that men account for 70 percent of employees and 90 percent of its tech staff.

While 59 percent of the company’s employees are white, only 12 percent identify as something other than white or Asian.

“Only 21 percent of the leadership is female and a whoppi

g 96 percent of employees at that level are either white or Asian,” according to the data posted on Twitter’s blog by Janet Van Huysse, vice president of diversity of inclusion at the firm.

Hispanic employees and those who identify as having two or more races make up three percent each.

Twitter’s non-tech roles similarly lack racial diversity. Here, 83 percent are white or Asian (mostly white).

In leadership roles, non-Asian minorities hold only four percent of positions, the data revealed.

Twitter is not the only company with a diversity problem.

Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Google have all reported similar statistics earlier this year.


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