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Manual scavengers to tie rakhi to Modi


New Delhi, Aug 28 (The News)

Several manual scavengers, liberated by AN organisation, can tie rakhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan that falls on Sat.

The cluster of 5 girls also will fork out one,000 rakhis to Modi designed by the widows from Vrindavana and Varanasi in province WHO are sorted by the organisation Sulabh International.

“Tying Rakhis to prime minister are a significant image against the prevailing stigma

towards manual scavengers. it’s a tragic factor that widows are thought of inauspicious and manual scavengers as untouchables,” aforementioned Bindeshwar Pathak, founding father of Sulabh International.

With the assistance of Sulabh International, these folks are emotional from manual scavenging to figure like cookery, embroidery and painting.

Earlier on Raksha Bandhan, many manual scavengers and widows additionally tied rakhis on the gliding joint of Hindu clergymen and Sanskritic language students.

Sulabh International works towards improvement of sanitation conditions across the country and additionally helps within the rehabilitation of manual scavengers.


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