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Modi taking only water till nov 22


New Delhi, Sep 3 (The News)

Do you recognize that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been consumption just one meal daily for the last one month which it’ll continue until Nov twenty two. the explanation is Narendra Modi is following the Chaturmas vow.

Chaturmas vow is for four monsoon months and therefore the devout go for abstinence and prayers. Prime Minister, World Health Organization is thought to drink solely water throughout the Navaratri pageant for 9 da

s per annum, has additionally been perceptive one-meal-a-day norm for a minimum of 10 years.

He can follow their dietary routine even throughout his ny visit later in Gregorian calendar month. He would be attending the global organization general assembly at ny. throughout his earlier visit to the US last Gregorian calendar month, he consumed solely water as a part of his Navaratri vow.

Even throughout his recent UAE visit, Modi stuck to eater food at official banquets. In honour of Modi, even the Arab guests took solely eater foods.



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