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Muslim School Teacher Builds Saraswati Temple


The News Bureau

A Muslim school teacher in Gujarat built a temple honouring Goddess Saraswati, revered by Hindus as deity of knowledge.

The retired school teacher, Abdul Vora, of Marida village near Nadiad city in Kheda district used most of his savings to build the temple.
Called as Abdul Chacha by the children, he taught in the school of the Hindu-majority village for over three decades and was inspired by the Saraswati temple in Kathlal taluk whil


he was training to become a primary teacher.

“I am a teacher first and everything else later. For me, my children are my inspiration and theirs is goddess Saraswati. So the temple,” Abdul said. “The temple took five years to be constructed. Many villagers also contributed whatever they could.”

Abdul’s family was among the three Muslim families in Andhari village near Nadiad, where he was born. Not only did the school teacher spearhead the construction of the temple, but he also taught the children how to do pooja.

“I have always got respect from every individual in this village. I served as a teacher here and would like to serve its people,” he said.


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