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Navjot Singh Sidhu addressed a press conference


Punjab, July 25 (The News)

Cricketer-turned-legislator Navjot Singh Sidhu, who as of late quit the Rajya Sabha, tended to a question and answer session on Monday.I surrendered from the Rajya Sabha in light of the fact that I was advised not to look towards Punjab. Actually, I was advised to avoid Punjab.

The greatest dharm of all dharams is ‘Rashtra Dharm’.Party is not above Punjab, can’t leave the general population who voted in favor of meIf there is not dha

m greater than rashtra dharm, then let me know, how am I expected to leave my roots.

In what capacity can Navjot Singh Sidhu leave the dirt he has a place to.How would I be able to leave those individuals. I have won four times. I can comprehend on the off chance that you say that I won the first run through due to being a “superstar” yet the second time on wards you win in view of the great work you do.

In the wake of winning four decisions, in the event that I am informed that avoid Punjab I inquire as to why? Am I liable of something? Have I done anything incorrectly? By what means would they be able to expect me avoid Punjab.No political gathering is greater than ‘Punjab’.

In the event that this was the first occasion when, I could in any case comprehend, they committed an error yet this is the third or fourth time.Till the time I was the MP from Amritsar, I never went home gave my beginning and end. When they requesting that I venture down amid the case I v

ventured down quickly.

At that point I was advised to remain from Kurukshetra Then they said stand from west Delhi, to which I refused.Now they say, avoid Punjab. This is not acceptable.If I ever host to pick between my get-together, family and Punjab I will dependably pick Punjab over everything and others. There is no doubt about it.


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