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Will change the rulers if the rule does not change

By Mattipati Yanadi Reddy

Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman, Prof. M Kodandaram has

said that an unswerving struggle would be carried out to ensure the welfare and development of the Telangana people. Awareness would be created in the masses through sustained campaign to achieve the goals, he said and asked the TRS government to work for common good keeping aside selfish ends.

In an exclusive interview with The News, Kodandaram alleged that the TRS government has miserably failed in giving fulfilling the aspirations of the people. He advised the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to focus on public welfare instead of wasting the resources on decimating the voices against the anti-people policies of the government.

“Nobody can destabilize TJAC since it is the voice of the people. In fact, TJAC is the protective fence around TRS and if the latter attempts to remove the fence then the existence of the TRS will be in danger,” he said adding the TRS will have to face the same consequences


s as the Andhra rulers if it continues its anti-people policies.

Kodandaram alleged that personal agenda has been the top priority for KCR in the last three years of rule and the people of Telangana have been left to lurch. TRS leaders and elected representatives had been busy bagging contracts, distributing shares and commissions, land scams, settlements and other frauds.

People are becoming restive since there none to care for their problems and the chief minister will realize this only if he goes to public leaving his Pragati Bhavan. Kodandaram cautioned that people cannot be kept quiet for long if the TRS continues with its anti-people and anti-democratic policies. The TJAC chairman said people were wondering whether elected representatives and ministers exist in the TRS government since only four people were ruling the roost.

Coming down heavily on the government for political interference at every stage, Kodandaram alleged that the welfare schemes were not reaching the actual beneficiaries. All the benefits were being given only to the TRS party members and their followers leaving the common people high and dry. He demanded that political interference should come to an end.

Criticizing the corruption in irrigation projects, he alleged that the irrigation project works have become epitome of misappropriation of funds and sharing commission in corruption money. Mission Bhageeratha and Mission Kakatiya were only aimed at filling the coffers of TRS leaders and Andhra contractors, he alleged.

In the garb of new projects, re-engineering and re-designing, the TRS government was looting public money and nothing was being done to provide water for irrigation and drinking purposes in the drought hit areas. Instead, estimation is being increased to show huge budget and borrowing on a huge


scale thereby forcing the future generations into debt burden, he said.

Though Telangana state has come into existence and Telangana leaders have become the rulers, a farsighted agriculture policy has not been formulated. Instead of providing income guarantee for the farmers, the TRS government has been trying to appease the farmers with free fertilizer scheme. The scheme is useful for the TRS as an election propaganda material but brings no good for the farmers, he alleged.

Kodandaram alleged that the TRS government lacks a proper policy in providing employment for the locals, which is one of the aspirations of the Telangana people. He demanded that the government should announce a calendar for recruitment of youth into various jobs. He also alleged that the government colluded with corporate organizations for commissions but failed to provide employment for the youth.

The TJAC chairman deplored removal of dharna chowk. He alleged that the undemocratic decision was taken to safeguard the interests of real estate companies and contractors. He reiterated that the TJAC would fight to the end against the decision of the government.

Kodandaram alleged that the TRS government was following in the footsteps of the Andhra rulers by announcing Regional Ring Road (RRR) on the same lines of Outer Ring Road (ORR). The RRR is aimed only to bring huge financial benefit for TRS leaders and contractors, while common people will have nothing to gain from the project, he said.

He alleged that the government was resorting to criminal waste of public money by carrying out a campaign in the name of ‘Bangaru Telangana’. He advised the government to spend the money to improve the living standards of common people by improving the basic amenities.

He said the TJAC will stand by the people and play an important role in the coming elections. He cautioned the TRS not to forget the fact that it came to power making use of the TJAC fence and any attempt to damaging the fence will have direct bearing on the TRS prospects.

Since the TRS was not ready to pay heed to the TJAC advise, it would now create awareness among the people and the ‘Spoorthi Yatra’ is one such programme to create awareness. The TJAC will now strive to throw out the TRS from power in the 2019 elections.





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