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Preserve independence of judiciary: CJI Dattu


New Delhi, Aug 16 (The News)

Chief Justice of Asian country H.L. Dattu on Sat referred to as upon judges and lawyers to stay steadfast and along to guard and preserve the independence of the judiciary.

The bench and bar got to stay along to guard and uphold the independence of the judiciary, that magistrate Dattu represented as a national quality.

He recalled an event from the epic Mahabharatum, wherever Duryodhan was command by the Gandharvas, and Yud

isthir asked Bhim to travel and rescue his brother.

On finding Bhim reluctant on account of the rift between the Pandavas and therefore the Kauravas, Yudhisthir told him that the Kauravas and Pandavas is also hostile, however once there’s AN attack on the family, then the one hundred Kauravas and 5 Pandavas were one hundred and five brothers.

The bench and bar along represent the justice delivery system. The bench alone and therefore the bar by itself cannot couple. they’re the wheels of the judicial chariot, the magistrate told legal luminaries at a operate unionised by the Supreme Court Bar Association on India’s 69th Independence Day on the Supreme Court lawns.He urged the lawyers to keep up the image of the bar.

Recalling the sacrifices of freedom fighters, bar association president Dushyant Dave aforementioned it absolutely was straightforward to get pleasure from freedom however tough to preserve it.He aforementioned it absolutely was the duty of the legal

l fraternity to guard this freedom.

Dave aforementioned that although the manager (government) can perpetually need to possess group action and contend that the protection of the state overrides the protection of a personal however “individual freedom cannot be compromised”.

Pointing to the matter that the system was facing, Dave said: “The system is beneath stress and therefore the means things ar going it’s going to take an extended means.”He urged the govt to appear into the problem with AN open mind and take “active and aggressive” steps to handle the case.

Law Minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda aforementioned alittle cluster of individuals were making disturbances rather than taking recourse to legal remedies.He aforementioned such folks ought to be created to account for his or her actions.

The law minister aforementioned protected mitigation, delay in disposal of cases and subsidisation punishments were adversely impacting the folks seeking justice.



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