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‘ Role of Press vital ‘


New Delhi, June 13 ( The News )

Vice President M. Hamid Ansari has said, “ in an open society like ours, we need a responsible press to hold power to account ”. He launched the commemorative edition of National Herald, in Bengaluru, Karnataka on Monday. Governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala, Chief Minister K. Siddaramaiah, were present.

The history of journalism in India is closely linked to the history of o

r freedom struggle. The Press played an important role in educating, convincing and mobilizing people, he said. The Working Journalists Act tried to give a degree of protection to journalists and to ensure freedom of press.

In this age of ‘post-truths’ and ‘alternative facts’, press must play an active role of a watchdog in democracy and look at the ethos and principles that powered his journalism. The Constitutional framework provides required intervention by the State to ensure smooth working of the press and the society. The laws provide that such intervention should only be in the interest of the public at large, he added.


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