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Siachen Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Dies


New Delhi, Feb 11 (The News)

Spear Naik Hanamanthappa is no more as doctor’s facility prior toldThe 33 year old trooper is made due by his wife and 2 year old little girl Called ‘Siachen Miracle’ he was discovered covered alive under 25 feet of ice,Four days after he was found alive in what has been portrayed as a marvelous salvage from Siachen, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, 33, passed on in healing center at the beginning of today.

He is made due by his wife, Jay

shri, and a two-year-old daughter.While he battled for his life, the armed force had asked, “We trust the supernatural occurrence continues…please ask with us.”Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, who was from Karnataka, burned through six days covered alive under 25 feet of ice at the icy mass after a torrential slide came smashing down on the military post at Sonam.

Spear Naik Hanamanthappa was found in the fiber-strengthened cabin that served as a base at 19,600 feet on the icy mass. Lying by him were the collections of nine troopers from his regiment.He was then traveled to the military doctor’s facility in Delhi where Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to him yesterday, saying he brought “supplications to God from the whole country.”

Salvage laborers persevered through tiring conditions for a bold and energetic push to discover the 10 fighters who disappeared after the gigantic torrential slide tore over the post on February 3 in Siachen, known for its unforgiving environmen

nt.The troopers had been announced dead by the armed force and the administration, mostly why the disclosure of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, who made due in an air pocket made under the ice, was named “the Siachen supernatural occurrence.”


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