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Somnath Bharti Dares ‘Modi Police’ to arrest him


New Delhi, Sep 12 (The News)

Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi administrator Somnath Bharti on Monday challenged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “police” to come and capture him if there was truth to him or his supporters professedly getting out of hand with security watches at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) last week.”The entire occasion is video recorded. The SHO of that range was available right then and there. What does the Modi police need to extend b

making such a move following two days? Abusing the police this way, Modi ji and Amit Shah ji, you have lost the command. Is it not the aftereffect of the thrashing that you have confronted in Gujarat,” asked Mr Bharti.

Mr Bharti said if the inhabitants of the capital’s Gautam Nagar region need to go to AIIMS, they need to travel 3.5 kilometres.”There was a drain at the back of AIIMS. Amid the Commonwealth Games, a parallel street was to be developed to associate Aurobindo Marg. The AIIMS deliberately did not permit it. An enormous bit of that range is presently being utilized as a parking garage. In the event that the inhabitants of Gautam Nagar are permitted to utilize it, they can without much of a stretch achieve AIIMS,” he included.

Mr Bharti said that the AAP has been raising this issue for as far back as two years.”We assembled conferences numerous a period. The SDMC, activity police, BWD authorities came. Perceptions were taken from the CPWD. Everybody came othe

er than the AIIMS. It has happened five times that we have sent them letters expressing that on the off chance that you don’t come, we will consider it as your assent. In association with that, the PWD has made a move,” he included.

He said on September 9, the PWD came to there and softened the divider up their presence.”Me alongside a few people were available there. The PWD, we don’t have anything to do with it. Why isn’t there a FIR against senior BJP pioneer Aarti Mehra whose protestation is pending in a Hauz Khas police headquarters? Why isn’t there activity against Congress pioneer Jitendra Kumar Kochar whose dissension is pending in Malviya Nagar police headquarters? The entire country saw Modi ji and Amit Shah ji took after and kept an eye on a young lady why isn’t there a FIR recorded on that?” he included.

Mr Bharti said that the legit governmental issues of the AAP is making the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) anxious and the last is accomplishing something or the other out of this restlessness.”By doing this, Modi ji is causing his own particular downfall and he will soon fall into it. Are there two CrPCs, two Constitutions and two IPCs in this country? This is not my business I am not a property merchant. All the pioneers of the BJP are property merchants. Practically every one of them has been included in some demonstration of defilement,” he included.

Mr Bharti said the police dissension and recording of a case are currently some portion of his attire.”Now it doesn’t make a difference regardless of the fact that they capture me, beat me up or shoot me.There are some awful individuals in each gathering. In the event that there is even a touch of truth in the occurrence, then come and capture me. I have transferred every one of the recordings on YouTube.The FIR was held up two days after the occurrence as the AAP got enormous achievement in the Kisan rally in Punjab,” he included.

A body of evidence has been enrolled against

Mr Bharti and his supporters for supposedly getting into mischief with the security watchmen of AIIMS.It is accounted for that the episode occurred on September 9 when Mr Bharti and his men professedly harmed six security gatekeepers of AIIMS. A FIR has been documented at the Hauj Khas Police Station.


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