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Soon i will give up films : Power KaLyan Says


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I was sitting at filmnagar’s most happening place. On the sets of Sardar Gabbar Singh with the one and only Power star Pawan Kalyan. I have greeted and thanked him for agreeing to give an exclusive interview. He knows me for last twenty years. I am in touch with him for interview for quite some time. Because Power star has not given any in


erview in a long time to any media person. We film Jurno were told that he do not feel like talking much about himself and there is not much to say anything other than doing work. But this time I am lucky. Sardar Gabbar Singh agreed to talk. That my Kushi. I am sure readers will join me in celebrating.

Q- i am going to give the uninitiated a little bit of an introduction to this personality sitting with me. 2016 is mr kalyan’s 20th year in movies, but in two decades he has only done 20 films which are not a lot.

Ans: Is it less?

Q- so, you were a reluctant, accidental actor. But you know you are doing such an amazing job of it, which is why you are called the power star. But the truth is you are not just an actor. i looked at your movie credits. it says stunt choreographer, playback singer, writer, director… you are so many things.


ng> I think it all happened because of necessity. I had my limitations. I have limitations even now. And when people tried putting me in their imagination, I was struggling to fit into it. But in the process, I was ending being someone who could not deliver the goods. .. So what I used to do is what I can do. I used to give inputs or something. At least, I made myself comfortable to do what they had given [me]. That is how it started off. And later, I think I got the hang of it and I continued.

Q- You make it sound very simple. But i am sure it is not as easy as that.

Ans: No, they do not let it happen. You will have a lot of struggle and fight. Yes, I am saying it [is] simple but the process is not that simple. You will have to have a lot of arguments. But, somehow I used to convince them. You know what convincing means.

Q- Do you have to think that, because you are so big and they love you in ways that are beyond your movies, you will always have to play the upright, good person.

Ans: I am very clear about certain things. I do not like to play a bad guy. In fact there are no bad guys in this world. Complete bad is not there, it is only the shades of grey. Similarly there is no absolutegood. Also, I am not [such] a great actor that I can transform completely from my previous film to the next film. I am not a trained actor.

Q- in an interview, steven spielberg had said that his biggest problem was that nobody would say no to him, because he was so powerful. i love that. so, is that a problem that you face as nobody ever says no to you?

Ans: I am aware of myself. I know my own limitations. I tell them, ‘I am not able to do this and could you help me’. But they think, ‘you do lot of things and I think you know’. Because I am known and a popular actor, it does not mean I know everything. Most of th


e time I try seeking inputs from different people, it does not matter who they are. Even the little inexperienced, come out with brilliant ideas. So I try to keep reaching out to them.

Q- You listen?

Ans: Yes! I do.

Q- are you not seduced by your own super stardom?

Ans: … for me it is God given or it just happened to me.

Q- i was reading up about your fans and they call themselves pawanists and they believe in pawanism.

Ans: I do not know how it came. Even I find it strange sometimes.

Q- But do you ever stop and introspect about why they love you so much?

Ans: Maybe all of us look for some kind of role models. And maybe the word role model is too big word. But I never did it consciously; I just did it for myself. It is not so that someone follows me, or does well for others.

Q- and do you plan to direct again?

Ans: For me directing a film is confining myself. I prefer to do beyond a director. I know there is a lot of young talent that exists. I can conceive, write stories, and screenplays and that are better for me.

But, you are also Captain of the ship? Do you ever think like so and so younger people are coming and this is happening; my film has done this, and his film has done that. Do such thoughtsever come into your mind?

I [have] never felt jealous. Never insecure.

Q- That is amazing.

Ans: Because, I feel very contented [with] whatever God has given. I think everyone should succeed. That is what I believe in. At the same time I feel, it is nice to have competition. I get irritated when people try to do the same thing to me. I feel, ‘In which way am I causing you insecurity?’ I say we have 365 days. So much business can happen in 365 days and mine is only one day. If your product and whatever work you did are good, it will work.

Q- and now after this film, sardar gabbar singh releases on april 8th. what are the plans? Do you make plans, do you plan like one month, two months ahead or…

Ans: Right now, as I went through different kinds of situations in my personal and professional life, I have a name. But if I do not do films I cannot sustain myself. So my first priority right now is to sustain myself. I planned for few films, like 2- 3 films. That is it.

Q- so, we will see you come back on screen sooner?

Ans: 2-3 films and after that I am going to give up films.

Q- give it up?

Ans: Yes, I will give it up.

Q- why?

Ans: That is a commitment I made to myself.

Q- when?

Ans: I made it long back, not today. I do not like doing too many films.

Q- You can space it out, but why give it up?

Ans: If I get into politics, I want to give my complete attention to it. For the next elections, Iam going to…

Q- is that what you are going to do?

Ans: Yes

Q- and what will happen to the pawanists?

Ans: I do not know. Maybe I am taking a bigger responsibility. This is real and in film there are always lot of people who can entertain and engage. This is what my DNA or heart is saying. I do not like to get scared or intimidated. I prefer and like the quality of fearlessness. Even to get into politics, it was not something that came overnight. From around 20 years I [have been] thinking      [about it]. Right from my childhood, I used to read comics—that was my nature. But also, I used to read headlines to see what was happening. Maybe I was inspired by a lot of social work. Like what happened in the freedom struggle and maybe I had a good social teacher. Even while filming, if I read a newspaper, there is constantly some kind of voice tells me, ‘You are a timid fellow, you cannot do that, and you are running away.’ I cannot take that voice.

Q- why are you not in the endorsement business?

Ans: I am not good at selling. That is what I have realised.

Q- why are you not good at selling?

Ans: No, I am saying that I want to have full conviction when I am saying something like, ‘See this. I love it.’

Q- You want to really love it. But, it is so much money.

Ans: I know. Sometimes, I am stunned when I look at other actors. Not that I feel pain, but like, ‘Oh, these guys are making money and how come I do not have money. Let me do some ad.’ Again then I get the same thought and I stop. I love ads, but my conscience does not permit.

Q- so, how about you pick a product you actually use?

Ans: Actually, I am thinking…

Q- The brand you wear?

Ans: Yes, something likes that.

Q- call them and say i use it.

Ans: Yes, maybe a shirt I wear, maybe the jeans.

Q- Thank you, so much. it was such a pleasure to talk to you.

Ans: You are welcome.



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