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The truth behind Miyapur land scam





(The News Bureau)

The Miyapur land scam, described by the authorities as a conspiracy between the directors of a few private infrastructure development companies and a corrupt sub-registrar, appears to be not so simple.

Instead, sources say, the


plan to grab the government lands was actually designed by some politicians in power. However, the plan bounced back due to differences over sharing the booty between the officials involved in the entire process. The sub-registrar offices mention only those lands in the prohibitory register against which the government publishes gazette declaring certain lands were government lands.

However, in the case of Miyapur lands, the people behind the master plan ensured that the government did not publish gazette declaring that the lands in survey numbers 20, 28, 100 and 101 of Miyapur village in Serilingampally mandal were government lands, sources said.

Even the remand report of the Kukatpally police claims that the Deputy Collector-cum-Tahsildar of Serilingampally mandal had written letters to the sub-registrar of Kukatpally and other jurisdictions that the lands were government porambok lands.

ign: justify;”>There is no mention of an official gazette declaring the status of the 693 acres land in the four survey numbers as government lands. And a sub-registrar is not bound by the letter of Tahsildar to refuse registration of a land.

Taking this loophole as advantage, those behind the scam designed their plan to grab the 693 acres of land worth over Rs 10,000 crore.

However, the land grabbers turned extra-greedy and tried to grab the land spending a pittance, sources said.

Had they paid stamp fee at market rate for the land, there would have been no issue.

However, the land grabbers tried to get rights over the entire land without mentioning the value of the land in the document and paid few thousands of rupees for the registration of Sanad Deed, which conveys all rights over the land to the buyer, sources said.

Since it is in the hands of the government to publish gazette, vested interests in the power conspired with the infrastructure companies and some corrupt officials to grab the land.

It is because of this reason, sub-registrar, Rachakonda Srinivasa Rao, who was suspended earlier while resorting to irregularities in the same sub-registrar office, was reinstated at the same place so that the huge scandal can be executed, sources said.

However, sources said, the officials in the stamps and registration department wanted huge percentage out of the Rs 587 crore that was saved in stamp duty. And differences developed in sharing the booty due to which the grave irregularity saw the light.

Even as the government transferred the case to Crime Investigation Department (CID), some important accused like P S Prasad, his wife Indrani Prasad and daughter-in-law Mahitha Cadd


el are on the run, political bigwigs behind the scam remain unscathed, sources said.

Miyapur land scam: The story given out

Cyberabad police claimed on May 28 to have arrested the Sub-Registrar of Kukatpally and two directors of real estate company Trinity Infra Ventures Limited on charges of fraudulent registration of 693 acres of government land causing revenue loss of over Rs 587 crore to the state exchequer.

Police said Sub-Registrar of Kukatpally, Rachakonda Srinivasa Rao, directors of Trinity Infra Ventures Limited – P S Parthasarathy and PVS Varma were arrested. Searches carried out at the residences and offices of the accused persons resulted in the recovery of incriminating documents.

Parthasarathy, in his capacity as the director of Trinity Infra Ventures Limited had executed four sale deeds in favour of Suvishal Power Gen Limited, represented by its director PVS Sharma on January 21, 2016 selling 693 acres of government land in survey numbers 20, 28, 100 and 101 of Miyapur village in Serilingampally Mandal, police had claimed.

A week before executing the four documents, a fake document was prepared showing that one Ameerunnisa Begum and seven others had given GPA to Parthasarathy and others over the 693 acres of land. Seven days later, Parthasarathy registered the land in the name of Suvishal Power Gen Limited, police said.

Interestingly, Sharma, who is the director of Suvishal Power Gen Limited is also one of the directors in Trinity Infra Ventures Limited in which Parthasarathy is one of the directors. What more! The Sub-Registrar Srinivasa Rao knew about the fraudulent deal since he was one of the conspirators, police said.

Further, Srinivasa Rao, being the Sub-Registrar of Kukatpally was aware of the fact that the 693 acres of land was government land and there have been repeated instructions from the higher ups of the revenue department issued in 2007 and 2011 to that effect and the lands should not be registered. The details were mentioned in the prohibitory register, a record containing all those lands which should not be registered at any cost, police said.

Despite this, Srinivasa Rao colluded with the directors of Trinity Infra and helped them execute sale deeds in violation of the provisions of the Registration Act and the Indian Penal Code causing a revenue loss of over Rs 587 crore, police said.

However, the fraud was detected by the higher ups of the stamps and registration department and a complaint was lodged with the police. Based on the complaint, police registered a case and arrested the accused after investigation. Further investigations were underway to ascertain the role of others in the huge fraud, police had said.

ACB detects irregularities in uploading documents by SROs

The ongoing searches at the sub-registrar offices (SROs) across the state by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) revealed that the documents presented for registration were not being uploaded online. Instead, the documents are kept offline giving rise for suspicions.

ACB sources said this practice has been noticed in almost all the SROs. But, the officials of the SROs are claiming that the delay was on account of workload and shortage of manpower and infrastructure.

However, the ACB sleuths are not ready to buy the theory. The ACB sleuths are verifying every piece of paper and all the entries in its database and also on the website to check whether documents related to current month were uploaded keeping the documents related to previous months in pending, sources said.

Keeping older documents offline would invite deeper investigation to find out whether there was any irregularity with respect to those documents, sources said.

Meanwhile, a senior official said the local units of ACB were compiling reports based on the searches. Also, the ACB teams were assisting the teams investigating the Miyapur land scam in carrying out searches at various places connected with the accused and other related people.

As part this, ACB sleuths accompanying the police, carried out searches at the residence of TNGO president, Syed Mujeebullah, acting sub-registrar of Vallabhnagar SRO, the official said adding that incriminating documents were found during searches.





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