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Tomato Prices Double Up Within Fortnight, in South India


Karnataka, June 14 (The News)

Tomato costs in most retail markets the nation over have multiplied to Rs. 80 for every kg in most recent 15 days because of drowsy supply inferable from product damage.Earlier this month, costs of tomato were anyplace in the scope of Rs. 20-40 for each kg, according to information kept up by the Consumer Affairs MinistryAmong all metro urban communities, Chennai recorded the most astounding cost at Rs. 80 for each kg today contrasted and

Rs. 44 for every kg on June 1.

Essentially in Kolkata, the cost is administering at Rs. 60 for each kg today as against Rs. 30 for each kg prior this month.In Mumbai, rates have ascended to Rs. 58 for each kg from 38 for each kg while in Delhi, costs have surged to Rs. 51 for each kg from Rs. 25 for every kg in the said period, the service information showed.”Tomato costs have expanded in most recent 15 days in Delhi. There is no adequate supply as the harvest got harmed in Haryana and Punjab in view of unseasonal downpours,” Azadpur Tomato Merchants Association President Ashok Kaushik said.

Because of downpours, the harvest in South India additionally got influenced on account of which costs have likewise ascended there, he said, including that even warmth stress in north India has harmed the product in some parts.Unlike potato and onion, there is short timeframe of realistic usability of tomato. The nonattendance of satisfactory cool storerooms in the inventory networ

rk has disturbed the issue.

The nation’s tomato generation is assessed at 18.28 million tons in the 2015-16 crop year (July-June) as against 16.38 million tons in the past year.Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal and Odisha are the real tomato developing states in the nation.


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