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TRS continues its winning 4 seat, congress 2


Hyderabad, Dec 30 (The News)

The ruling TRS continued its winning spree by grabbing four out of six MLC seats for which elections were held on Sunday. The gathering had officially won six seats consistently. Then again, the Congress spared its face by winning Nalgonda and Mahbubnagar seats. Congress competitor Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy secured a noteworthy lion’s share of 192 votes against the decision party in Nalgonda.

The tallying of votes began at 8am on

Wednesday and the outcomes were out inside of three hours. While consequence of five seats was clear in the first round, Mahbubnagar’s second seat took second preferencial votes in favor of the last result pronouncing Damodar Reddy the champ.

TRS demonstrated its quality in Khammam by winning the MLC seat.Its applicant Balasani Lashminarayana won the race with a larger part of 31 votes against the restriction upheld CPI hopeful Puvvada Nageshwara Rao. The TRS got 313 votes, CPI 275 and YSR Congress Party 102 votes.

In Nalgonda, Congress applicant Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy rose the champ overcoming TRS competitor Tera Chinnapreddy by a greater part of 192 votes. Congress got 616 votes as against TRS’s 449 while 26 votes went invalid. Of all the 12 MLC seats that went for decision this time, Nalgonda was considered important by the decision party and the Opposition Congress.

A lion’s share of 192 votes Congress has secured was more than impressive.Another accomp

plishment for the TRS was it won both the seats in Ranga Reddy area. Patnam Narender Reddy and Shambipur Raju of TRS vanquished their Congress and TDP equals separately.

Splendid Educational Institutes’ author Kasireddy Narayana Reddy of TRS won a seat with 65 votes larger part in Mahbubnagar while another seat has gone to Congress. Damodhar Reddy of Congress won by the second inclination votes.

In spite of the fact that it won four out of six, decision TRS was bit stunned as it was wanting to win all the six. Nonetheless, in the wake of a progression of annihilations, the Congress powers had met up to win at any rate Nalgonda, however shockingly the gathering likewise won a reward Mahbubnagar seat.

The most baffled was TDP which couldn’t secure significant number of votes in any constituency.In the neighborhood bodies supporters, individuals from Mandal and Zilla Territorial Constituencies practiced their votes about 98 percent.


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